Reviews by Adam Lesley

Reviews by Adam Lesley

Review of Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania submitted on 2nd June 2002

As a huge fan, I really looked forward to this disc, and as far as the music goes, it is excellent, and if you remotely like the original soundtrack, you'll love this one. The keyboard work is truly characteristic of '70's Rick. However, the disappointing thing is that the narrations here bring to mind the perversion of the original movie, which takes away from the overall enjoyment of the disc.

Review of Treasure Chest Volume 8 - Stories submitted on 2nd June 2002

As always, Rick is in top form as a storyteller on this disc. The stories are very entertaining. The notes on the back of the disc say it will only be available as part of the Treasure Chest, and this will be a nice bonus for the fans who buy the box.