Reviews by Peter H. Kort

Reviews by Peter H. Kort

Review of Rick Wakeman Live in Concert 2000 DVD submitted on 23rd February 2003

Just great! Simply wonderful how the man who has been voted "progressive rock pianist of the year" for 7 years, gives a performance that has almost all the ingredients of a classical concert. Rick also shows his great sense of humour in his anecdotes (lots of funny stories, all true). A great buy!

Review of Live in Buenos Aires DVD submitted on 28th March 2003

Great! What a wonderful show. I very much liked the "duelling keyboards"-part where Rick and his 'little Ninja' seem to be trying to outplay each other. I also found the "Behind the music"-documentary part very interesting and enlightening. A MUST for every Wakeman fan!

Review of Rick Wakeman Live Video submitted on 21st April 2003

What a performance! I always thought that Keith Emerson had "the fastest hands in West", but now I've got the impression that Good Ol' Rick beats him to it! Tony Fernandez's percussion solo in Anne Boleyn is truly amazing.In my opninion this DVD shouldn't be missing in any true Wakeman fan's collection. Supertastic!

Review of The Classical Connection Video submitted on 17th October 2005

Despite Wakey's verdict "Please don't buy it", I like this DVD very much. I think it's too bad though, that I can't escape from the impression that parts have been deleted. As always, Rick's anecdotes are really funny (I especially liked the one about 'After the ball'). David Paton's guitar-work is sublime, specifically on Eleanor Rigby; truly a great instrumentalist! All in all, a very good buy (never mind what the grumpy old man thinks!).