Review of Out There submitted on 19th March 2003

Well worth the wait and I haven't stopped listening to it since it arrived. This is Rick back to his roots and back to his best. The album certainly grows on you the more you listen to it with my favourites being the title track 'Out There' and the last track ('The Cathedral of the Sky') with it's 'Jane Seymour' organ. The vocals from Damien are excellent and the choir adds to the whole listening enjoyment. Throughout the album the music from Rick and the NERE and choir is excellent with a variety of keyboard sounds and styles. It's certainly a rock album but not too 'hard' to listen to and enjoy. I don't like all of Rick's stuff - but I certainly like this one !! As has already been mentioned there is also a touching tribute to the Columbia crew on the cover and a bit of history about Rick's interest in space - something I was unaware of. In summary you hardened fans won't be disappointed, and anyone considering buying their first Rick album, you couldn't do much better than this for a starter! Thanks Rick for a great album - can't wait for the tour and DVD !!