Reviews by Neil Mason

Reviews by Neil Mason

Review of Out There submitted on 11th August 2003

I'd just like to say a few words about this latest release, or should I say word...WOW... this has got to be Rick's best since the seventies (IMHO). As a keyboard player myself, I can only say that the drawbacks are the choice of synth sounds, however, what a brill moog solo 8 mins in on the main track!! Don't stop Rick.

Review of Retro submitted on 23rd May 2006

Been looking forward to this for a while, after Rick played some of this on his successful Planet Rock radio slot on Saturday mornings. I can honestly say this album is one of his most fresh and 'new' sounding in recent years, which is ironic considering the keyboards used on this project. A perfect companion to Out There IMHO. 10/10 Great stuff.