Reviews by Peter Papegaaij

Reviews by Peter Papegaaij

Review of Out There - The Movie DVD submitted on 24th March 2004

Just received the DVD in the mail today. It was a long wait, but worth it. This is a very unusual movie. It's one long video-clip for the album. In my opinion the album is already one the best in Rick's line of concept albums (frankly I like Return to the centre of the earth and 1984 the most), and this movie adds something extra. The movie is a kaleidoscope of images that support the music and add atmosphere. In no way the picture is 'louder' than the music. And that is a good thing. The surround sound is great. The extra behind the scenes comes with an interview with Rick and impressions of the live show last year. I would have liked more footage from these concerts, especially the performance of Ashley Holt, who was better than ever (yes, I have seen the show). Well you can't have it all and I have my memories. All together this DVD is a must have. It is a next step in enjoying music. Can't wait what will come next.

Review of Made in Cuba DVD submitted on 2nd October 2005

This DVD is a must have for two reasons: We all know how difficult it is to record a live concert. Technically this is one of the best live recordings of Rick and NERE ever made. A lot of camera's in the right places. Editing the pictures logically with the performance of all musicians. Excellent picture quality. And good sound. Not perfect sound, but hey, it is a live concert. Compliments to the makers. But of course more important, this has been a great concert. I envy those who could attend. The band was sharp as a slingblade. Timing was excellent, tempo changes made without any hickups. Everybody playing together as a band, supporting each other. But, most of all, having fun. Rick was playing with a glint in his eyes, clearly enjoying playing with such excellent musicians. And then to think that the rehearsal time for this short tour was very limited. What else to say? This is Rick Wakeman at his best. Sorry I wasn't there, happy that there is such an excellent recording available. If you like Rick playing live, this DVD is a must have.