Reviews by Keith Andrews

Reviews by Keith Andrews

Review of 1984 submitted on 17th August 2005

This album has matured with age. Whilst I wasn't overly keen on some of the songs or singers in 1981, after 20 plus years, they can stand on their own. As such Chaka Khan is excellent, Hymn is pure Jon Anderson. Proles is a fun, if a bit of a throw away song.

Review of Cirque Surreal submitted on 27th April 2020

An album that had generally passed me by, but due to the recent reissue by Demon Music Group on red vinyl (2019) that has been remedied. Reminiscent of many of Rick's rock albums in style, the performance is exemplary throughout. Great keyboard work goes without saying but the performance by the rest of the band is very tight. The tracks reflect the circus theme and whilst the circus is not my favourite medium of entertainment, this excellent album would, no doubt, spark some interest.