Review of Retro submitted on 4th May 2006

Man! This one is fantastic! I just ordered this album from my local record shop and since then it's in my CD player all the time. This is Mr. Wakeman at his best, using all the analogue keyboards that were hidden in his vault for more than 25 years. Read the liner notes for more information on that. The very fat sounds of the old synths and keyboards dominate this album! I particularly like the solos in the opening track 'Just Another Day', the riff in 'One In The Eye', the lovely sung (by Mr. Wakeman's daughter Jemma) 'Leave The Blindfold' and the very 70s sounding 'Can You Smell Burning'? The band is doing a great job, the Mellotron's sound fine, and even the compositions are very nice, in my humble opinion. Here we are: one of the highlights in the entire RW discography!!!