Review of Retro submitted on 14th April 2006

This is the album we have been waiting for! It is truly a trip back in time. It takes me back to the first albums right through to the latest albums with the keyboards from the golden days and the production and energy of now. Ashley Holt’s voice is in top form, and the (fantastic) voice of Rick’s daughter Jemma is really British and very gentle (on Leave The Blindfold), love it! And even though the album spans nearly 70 minutes, it leaves one wanting more, so putting your CD player on repeat, will give you the thrill of this album again and again. Rick mentions in the sleeve notes that this is a truly one off album, due to the condition of the older keyboards etc., but let’s hope he grabs one of them from time to time on his new albums to come! This albums bursts with an incredible energy, and leaves me wondering what it would sound like if Rick would guest play on an IQ album, because their styles are very similar. The tribute song for Bob Moog is a fitting one, it is not a sentimental slow song, but instead a rocker (Mr. Moog would have been proud). I can go on and on, but experience this CD yourself, you will not be disappointed! PLAY IT LOUD! (but be careful). Rick, you did it again, and please keep doing it! Out of 5 stars I give it 6!