Reviews by Joost Warners

Reviews by Joost Warners

Review of No Expense Spared submitted on 11th December 1997

Now this is probably the best "Rock" effort the Wakemen have made this decennium. An important pro of this album is that Tony Fernandez is present to play the drums, and even though I've no real problems with drum computers, it does make a difference! There are 7 vocal tracks, mostly penned by Adam, and 5 instrumental tracks which are absolutely stunning! Lots of tempo changes and really good keyboard (and moog!) solos around. Highly recommended to anyone into Wakey's heavier side.

Review of The New Gospels submitted on 11th December 1997

This is one of the most beautiful consistent pieces of work delivered by Rick. Or anyone else for that matter. Sure, it is different, but that is what makes it so special! There are stunning melodies, sung by Ramon Remedios, backed with a choir. The keyboard accompaniment is quietly complex and very fitting. Unfortunately, the choir sounds a bit 'thinnish' at times, but once you're used to that.. Enjoy! This version is different from The Gospels in the absence of a drum computer, and the choir parts are much more elaborate. There are also two titles added, and the order of the tracks has been rearranged so as to give the album a more fluent story-line.

Review of Tribute submitted on 11th December 1997

An album full of Beatles covers, but not in the usual way. Inspired by the well known Prokofiev version of Eleanor Rigby, many other well known Beatles tracks are made hardly recognizable by the notorious Wakeman treatment. Styles on this album range from very quiet to about as uptempo as it will get on any of Rick's albums. A great variety of sounds are used, including the plastic sounds many people despise so much, but also moogs and organs, and there's some great guitar work by Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith. This album seems to give a nice overview of Rick's nineties sound.