Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 3rd February 2015

If you are a true audiophile (if you are reading this you probably are) with a half decent system, be prepared for an audible assault. Be prepared to hear things you never heard before from The Six Wives of Henry VIII (not the wives themselves of course!) and be prepared to be sonically moved again the way I was when I first played the vinyl release back in the 70's. The Quad mix reveals just how much effort and professionalism went into this album. All versions on this release are outstanding and while the new stereo mix may lack the drama of the quad mix, it is still truly smooth and beautiful and does real justice to the original. I absolutely loved this album when Rick first released it in the 70's. I also love the full fat bluray live Hampton Court release but, this version 'had' to happen and I'm glad I have lived long enough to see and hear it!