Review of No Earthly Connection submitted on 1st April 1998

Now, I'd heard from others about Rick's talent for lyric-writing (or lack thereof in these cases), but didn't believe them. However, when it came to this album, I had a change of view. The music is good, in my opinion, but the lyrics leave much to be desired. The concept of music being a "gift on loan" to be used and enhanced during one's lifetime was a bit flat. It is not Rick's fault -- the concept just doesn't travel anywhere. And for the whole sequence of the guy who was punished for not developing his musical talent?? *sigh* it just went too far at that point. Combine this with Ashley Holt's singing... I have one conclusion: if you are a true Wakeman enthusiast, you're just gonna hafta get it. If not, there are PLENTY of other Wakeman albums to get before this one. Search on! :)