Reviews by Denilson Neves Rampin

Reviews by Denilson Neves Rampin

Review of The Family Album submitted on 23rd June 1997

These songs are real musical pictures. Inspired by his family and pets pictures, Rick recreates great pieces of art with sour notes revealing his love and care for his dearest relatives.

Review of The Seven Wonders of the World submitted on 23rd June 1997

Rick has always been a versatile composer, especially concerning History. In the CD, the Seven Wonders are told through the keyboard. He creates an involving atmosphere and an unique stile to reveal the greatness of each one of the past great wonders. Special attention to the short narrative by the actor Garfield Morgan that preceeds each track, reminding us the times of "Journey to the Centre of the Earth".

Review of Visions submitted on 23rd June 1997

A perfect match between music and mind. Rick provides a sole musical experience to makes us relax from daily stress and put our imagination to work in each track texture created. A complement for the environmental work that was done in "Suntrilogy".

Review of Unleashing The Tethered One - The 1974 North American Tour submitted on 11th October 1999

(For loving of the " Journey... " and the collectors of Mr. Wakeman) A time disk! For that they want to feel itself carried stops for inside of the JTTCOTE. Without Overdubs! I must agree that the quality is not excellent, but hear Mr. Wakeman live, always is a fantastic experience. Prominence for the beautiful accompaniment of the orchestra and chorale. A classic!