Reviews by Brandon Cohen

Reviews by Brandon Cohen

Review of Return To The Centre Of The Earth submitted on 12th June 1999

Sometimes when I get punished I go upstairs and put on my cdman and lie on my bed and close my eyes. Listenining to this extraordinary music makes me feel like I'm on the journey with Professor Lidenbrook and Axle. My dad got me into your music and now I'm a big fan of it. I am a 10 year old boy and me and my father share one.

Review of Voyage submitted on 11th April 2000

I am an 11 year old boy and I love the masterpiece Judas Iscariot. It reminds me of Sunday in Church because of the Wonderful Church Organs this song not only relieves stress but also sends a spiritual sensation in the air! This is a great album if you want to be relaxed of stress.

Review of The Seven Wonders of the World submitted on 21st September 2000

Hi I am Brandon I am an almost 12 year old boy. This particular album helped me in 3 projects for school. I got an A+ on each. I put on a song while I presented it to the class, they were all blown away because they listen to Eminem and all this other crud. Thanks Rick