Review of Rick Wakeman Live in Concert 2000 DVD submitted on 9th November 2000

If you have seen the 'Keys to ascension' DVD issued last month, on which Rick plays with his former Yes colleagues, you may have been dissapointed at the crude visuals and 70's style effects. I am very pleased to say the this concert, taken from the 'Evening with....' tour, has been well filmed, directed and edited. It is a pleasure to watch and even better to hear. Unlike K.T.A., there are no effects and the camerawork is sensitive and sensible with many shots being taken from a 'crane' providing the viewer with unrivalled views of Rick's keyboard skills. Indeed, the view is far superior to that which I had during a concert on the very same tour....even from the 3rd row! The sound should be excellent. The DVD claims to carry Dolby Digital 5.1 along with analogue Dolby Surround. The concert is a must for all Wakeman fans. It captures the live performance in all it's detail, making the atmosphere of the evening almost tangible. The set is interspersed with Rick's "witty" stories, each serving as an introduction to the following piece. The music is excellent; Rick at his best! It brought back the memory of a wonderful evening with selections from the past 3 decades.