Charity Appearances

Charity Appearances

After an interesting few years of overwork and health issues, it has been pointed out to me in no uncertain terms by those around me, that it’s time to call a halt to saying “YES” to everything, as reality dictates that I just can’t keep up the pace that I have been.

I have therefore come to the decision, that perhaps I should have made three or four years ago), that I will be concentrating solely on the charities I have a strong involvement with already, such as Sparks, The Grand Order of Water Rats, Masonic Charities and my animal charities) and will not be taking on any more for the foreseeable future, even one offs.

Also, there is a halt being called to "reduced fee concerts" that involve charities and churches, as that seems to have backfired over the last few months. Various promoters for normal professional events have started demanding the same reduced fees as given to charities. It plainly doesn’t sink in to these people and so from January 1st 2013 all enquiries for concert performances will be dealt with by my business manager on a “same rate” for all basis.

From now on, all enquiries as regards charity events sent to this website will be referred to this statement, which hopefully will explain why these decisions have been taken.