In just a week I will be going into The Granary and will be sitting at my favourite Steinway Model D piano to record YESSONATA and 3 other new pieces for release later in the year. For those of you who may have heard YESSONATA live on the first leg of the American final One Man Shows, you will already have a taste of what it's like, but the recording will have quite a few differences with even more references to YES music that was such a part of my life. At the moment it looks like being around 18 minutes long… just like a YES intro from the old days!!

The new music is just that, entirely new and will be an associated suite of three pieces, again all on the piano.

For those of you interested in how I will be recording this, it's our tried and tested way, honed over the years - performing the piece in segments and editing them together as we go along to ensure that every note, every phrase, is a performance. Interestingly, this is how YES would write and record back in the early 70s and is still the method of recording I embrace.

Rick Wakeman, 28th May 2024