The Art in Music Trilogy (1999)

The Art in Music Trilogy

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#Track TitleLength
1White Castles8m 21s
2Glacier Valleys11m 53s
3The Porcelain Doll5m 24s
4The Snowcat4m 7s
5Pillars of Hope6m 20s
6A Fountain of Tears5m 41s
7The Figurine6m 34s
8The Dancing Pierrot7m 3s
9A Castle of Dreams6m 45s
10Seeds of Thought6m 32s
11Preface to a Dream5m 45s
12The Mottled Blackbird6m 10s
13The Quill4m 58s
14Lucky Curve10m 35s
15The Evening Fable5m 16s
16Shelly Beach6m 44s
17Birth of Nature5m 8s
18A Tale of Spring6m 5s
19Stories of Bygone Days6m 12s
20The Dancing Hedgerow3m 2s
21The Clock Tower3m 4s
22Sunbeams2m 56s
23The Village Green6m 1s
24Portrait of a Dream3m 24s
25Mountain Mist3m 41s
26Waterlillies6m 15s
27Tommy Big Eyes2m 34s
28The Lone Fisherman3m 27s
29Little Lady4m 38s
30View From A Hill2m 35s
31A Hint of Autumn8m 25s
32Boulters Lock2m 43s
33Orcombe Point3m 28s
34The Brooklet3m 1s
35The Fireside2m 30s
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CDMFACD002Music FusionWorldwide
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • Korg
  • Kurzweil
  • Roland
  • Technics
  • EMU
  • Bajonor Studios, IoM during the Autumn of 1997
  • Stuart Sawney
Rick's Perspective
The second trilogy prepared for the German company that went to the wall. Both trilogies are very analogue in their sound which does stand them apart from all the other new age relaxation music that is floating about today.
Wakey's Verdict
Well if you bought the Natural World Trilogy then you might as well buy this one!!!!
Little Known Trivia
I can't wait to repackage these two trilogies together and redo the covers!!!!

Siggi Zielinski on 13th September 1999 [Other reviews]

Over 3 hours of peaceful, beautiful music played by Rick on electronic (in need for a better word) keyboards used mainly as if they were a piano. If you liked the "Airs..." or "Aspirant.." -Trilogy you will probably enjoy "The Art in Music Trilogy" as well. On the cover they call it an "instrumental new world ambient music", but it draws more of your attention than just relaxating background sounds. As ever Rick takes his inspiration from a chosen item, this time it's arts. Every disc has it's own title ("The Sculptor","The Writer",and "Sketches"), the latter being "a musical pastiche of time that stands still". But it's still not boring. All 3 discs have also their own beautiful artwork, so it's a shame that we can only see the picture of "The Writer"-disc on the cover, remaining two images being reproduced in the thumbnail-format in the booklet and on the discs themselves.