In The Nick of Time

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In The Nick of Time (2012)

Track TitleLength
1Catherine Parr11m 7s
2Out There13m 17s
3No Earthly Connection8m 6s
4Dance of a Thousand Lights5m 48s
5The Cathedral In The Sky10m 36s
6White Rock3m 15s
7Wurm9m 29s

In The Nick of Time (2012)

Artist List
Artist NameInstrumentTrack (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboards
Ashley HoltVocals
Tony FernandezDrums
Ant GlynneGuitars
Lee PomeroyBass

In The Nick of Time (2012)

TypeCat No.LabelCountry
CDMFVP128CDMusic FusionWorldwide

In The Nick of Time (2012)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering
•Recorded during the 2003 tour to promote the release of Out There

Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

George R on 25th January 2013 [Other reviews]

This record and Live At The BBC are Rick's best live albums in my view. The performances here are top notch and full of energy and there are a lot of great keyboard sounds. Ashley does a great job singing the Out There material, especially considering that Rick composed vocal melodies containing some notes that only dogs can hear. I think I like this version of Out There better than the studio version as it sounds a little beefier and the incredible solos from Ant Glynne and Rick are even more exciting here. Another highlight, which really surprised me, is a version of White Rock that is just as insane as the record. Rick's MiniMoog playing is masterful on this recording. Not just the notes he's playing, but the way he's adjusting the glide control and altering the sound as he's playing. The only criticism I have is that the cymbals and the guitar sound too bright, but this is still a must have record.