Zodiaque (1988)


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#Track TitleLength
1Sagittarius4m 19s
2Capricorn4m 42s
3Gemini2m 51s
4Cancer3m 17s
5Pisces4m 43s
6Aquarius3m 52s
7Aries5m 22s
8Libra3m 57s
9Leo3m 15s
10Virgo3m 48s
11Taurus4m 14s
12Scorpio3m 21s
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Tony FernandezDrumsAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CD290 07 129BellaphonGermany
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • Korg
  • Studio House, Wraysbury in Jan 1988
  • John Burns
Rick's Perspective
An interesting album all based around the rhythmic ideas of Tony Fernandez. Very simple in many respects it has a lot of very interesting nuances hidden within the music and the more you listen to it, the more you can hear.
Wakey's Verdict
If you like your music as a cross between New Age and Chill Out, then this is for you.
Little Known Trivia
Zodiaque was actually turned into a ballet and performed around the UK by the London Lewis Ballet Company.

Sergey Lenkov on 4th May 2003 [Other reviews]

Very unusual record. Imagine: Milt Jackson and Modern Jazz Quartet finished their work and left the studio. Here comes Rick and Tony. They listened to MJQ and they began to play, but they did something different. It’s a jazz record not in style of music (let’s call it instrumental art-rock with a little touch of New Age), but in another sense: the album is a kind of dialog between keyboard player and drummer. It seems that not many overdubs were made there. And the mood in this record is a little bit darker than usually on Rick’s albums.

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 5th March 1998 [Other reviews]

This album reminds me very much of Jean-Michel Jarre. If you like him, buy it. The softer tracks are perfect for relaxation. This is not Rick Wakeman's best album, but it is quite enjoyable.

Mats Landstrom on 24th September 1997 [Other reviews]

Warning! The melodies are good, but this album has the same faults as most of Rick's 80s albums; the sounds chosen on the keyboards are too "plastic". Things have been getting better in the 90s, thank God.