Romance of the Victorian Age (1995)

Romance of the Victorian Age

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#Track TitleLength
1Burlington Arcade2m 48s
2If Only4m 20s
3The Last Teardrop3m 25s
4Still Dreaming4m 11s
5Memories Of The Victorian Age3m 33s
6Lost In Words6m 6s
7A Tale Of Love7m 55s
8Mysteries Unfold3m 3s
9Forever In My Heart6m 1s
10Days Of Wonder6m 54s
11The Swans4m 43s
12Another Mellow Day5m 29s
13Dance Of The Elves3m 21s
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanPiano/KeyboardsAll
Adam WakemanPiano/Keyboards/Classical GuitarAll
Stuart SawneyAcoustic Guitar (1)/Percussion ProgrammingAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • No info
  • Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man between May/Jul 1994
  • Stuart Sawney
Rick's Perspective
Easy listening but reasonable classy I always felt. Adam joined me on this one and produced some fine stuff himself for the album. A cross between light rock and new age it has some nice moments and is nice to play if you're having a beautiful romantic evening! I never got to play it much
Wakey's Verdict
I'm still waiting for that romantic evening!!!
Little Known Trivia
This is the only CD of Rick's that was ever on sale at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Mike Reyome on 7th October 2014 [Other reviews]

This is lovely, really quite a nice one here. Acoustic piano dominates the tracks and the compositions are melodic and memorable. Highly recommended.

Marcelo on 30th September 2008 [Other reviews]

For me, a really super collection of piano tracks. Mix between Rick and Adam compositions, the tracks flows really nicely, with Adam Numbers in a more relaxed way, and with OUTSTANDING melodys in Rick´s tracks. One of me and my family discs, to share while we´re together.

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 1st September 2003 [Other reviews]

nother one of the quiet and gentle instrumental album, containing mostly piano music. Every other track is Adam's, like on the "Tapestries" album - the most obvious album to compare this one to. "Tapestries" is perhaps somewhat better, but not much. If you like "Tapestries" you'll like this one too. Esepcially the opening track is very good.

Marco Cazzola-Gonsenheim on 4th August 2002 [Other reviews]

Thank you Rick and son, Adam, for showing us the degree of emotional beauty and balance you are capable of. A must have. Now where is that piano concerto?

Tim Boudewijn van der Wart on 26th October 2001 [Other reviews]

Together with Tapestries these two albums form a piece of true piano art! Fast and slow pieces, good for dinner music but also very good for relaxing or intensive listening. Both are "must buy albums" for the piano fans.

Max Hult on 29th February 2000 [Other reviews]

Great piano album! It's more varying than Rick's "Preludes", since half of the tracks are Adam's... Preludes seem to be too much of the same style, Romance is not as monotonous... the first track on Romance should really be placed on another recording though...

Mats Landstrom on 24th September 1997 [Other reviews]

Beauty is what this music is about. Not much rockin' n' rollin here. My favourite album from the duo Wakaman & Wakeman. A lot of piano throughout. One of my favourites.

Downeast Bruce on 8th June 1997 [Other reviews]

Simple genius,the flow of the selections on an individual basis, as well as collectively, just fit together so perfectly. A thing of beauty IS a joy forever.