Reviews by Time Lady Rabeca

Reviews by Time Lady Rabeca

Review of 2000AD Into The Future submitted on 13th March 1997

The futuristic theme comes across clearly in this all-instrumental album. Several high-energy pieces (and a few slightly more mellow ones) flow nicely together, creating an excellent album to listen to at work. Better yet, just plug in some headphones and daydream away.

Review of No Expense Spared submitted on 13th March 1997

This album has a nice variety of music, from instrumental to touchingly serious songs, to songs I can only describe as one heck of a father and son jam session.

Review of Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits submitted on 21st March 1997

The first CD in this set features some of Rick's best work with Yes, the second hilights his solo work. Both are completely instrumental, and overall it is a very mellow set. I like the style he redid the Yes material in -- just be prepared to drink a few cups of coffee if you need to stay awake, it tends to be a bit *too* relaxing at times :)

Review of Almost Live in Europe submitted on 28th March 1997

The vocalist on this CD was fairly unimpressive - he tended to take away from the experience of the music, though his voice fits in a bit better for the King Arthur tracks. However, Rick's playing for this album is amazing and more than makes up for the (IMHO) lousy vocalist.

Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 31st March 1997

This is a great instrumental album with heavy Classical influence, and a hint of Jazz. Jane Seymore blew me off my feet with Rick's work on harpsicord and pipe organ. This one is a must-have if you like Rick's classically influenced material.

Review of Rock n Roll Prophet Plus submitted on 20th August 1997

Overall, this is a very humorous album and a good one to listen to for a little something different from Rick. However, some of the 'plus' tracks sound as though they would be better off added to 2000 AD, since the keyboard voices are closer to that than the original Prophet. There is no particular 'style' I can pinpoint, though the 3 songs with lyrics seem on par with some of the pop music of the time. If you don't mind the change in 'sound' from the old to new, this is a great album, but for those more interested in continuity, I'd suggest moving all the plus tracks to either the beginning or end.

Review of Time Machine submitted on 16th December 1997

This album is basically rocked-up Rick, with an 80's pop music leaning. The closest album to this that I know of is No Expense Spared, but this beats No Expense by a mile. All the tracks except Elizabethan Rock have vocals (though many have nice long instrumental intros or solos), a switch from his normal style of several instrumentals on his albums. Ice is my favorite track, and though it may be more toward rock than much of Rick's stuff, has a great deal of energy packed into it. This would be a good one to get (if you can find it) for a change of pace from his classical leanings.