Rock n Roll Prophet Plus (1991)

Rock n Roll Prophet Plus

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#Track TitleLength
1Return of the Prophet06:03
2I'm So Straight I'm a Weirdo03:54
3The Dragon03:34
5Alpha Sleep06:00
6Maybe '8005:27
7March of the Child Soldiers06:05
8Early Warning03:34
9Spy of '5505:07
11Do You Believe In Fairies?04:29
12Rock N' Roll Prophet04:40
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboards/VocalsAll
Gaston BalmerPercussionAll
Lilianne LauberBacking VocalsAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • No info
  • Mountain Studios in Montreux
  • Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man (Tracks 1/5/7/10)
  • >Dave Richards
  • Stuart Sawney (Tracks 1/5/7/10)
Rick's Perspective
This was carefully re-mastered from a virgin vinyl copy of the original and some additional rerecorded tracks added in a similar style. It's still an album I think was a little ahead of its time, if not a little off the wall!!!! There are some special BBC recordings as well, floating about, of some of these tracks - and I have them. They may well appear on a re-issue in the future.
Wakey's Verdict
Worth getting I reckon, although I must do something about the rear cover...(ex wife on it still)!!!!
Little Known Trivia
The re-mastering was done on a very new and sophisticated computer mastering machine at the time, in fact it was the only one in the country and was done at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Ben Jordan on 12th September 2011 [Other reviews]

Although guaranteeing the original Rock ‘N’ Roll Prophet a wider audience than it had upon first release, the Plus edition is for me a bit of a mish-mash. One could argue that the title alone is already a strange marriage to the music – the collection of quirky songs and lighthearted keyboard instrumentals is as far removed from rock as it’s possible to be – but that attempt at humour and the original 1979 production values at least gave Rock ‘N’ Roll Prophet a cohesiveness. The addition of four extra tracks on Plus sound exactly like what they are – the Rick of 12 years later and not conceived in the same mindset. And it’s the lighthearted oddity of the album that makes it so enjoyable. This is delivered chiefly through vocal tracks ‘I’m So Straight I’m A Weirdo’ (watch the music video if you can), ‘Maybe ‘80’ (I *love* this song), and ‘Do You Believe In Fairies?’ While Mr. Wakeman would be the first to admit singing isn’t his forte, his untrained efforts are perfectly-suited to the lighthearted madness of the songs – and since Prophet is a one-off, add to the novelty value of the album. The instrumentals don’t quite match the entertainment value of the songs, but there are nonetheless some pleasing efforts on board – ‘Dark’ and ‘Early Warning’ being two key examples. Of the Plus additions, ‘March Of The Child Soldiers’ and ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Prophet’ are my favourites. That they don’t match the originals is not to say they aren’t any good, only that it would have worked better as the Rock ‘N’ Roll Prophet equivalent of White Rock II, ie – if Rick had gone all the way and produce a second album of new tracks. Indeed, if he ever again feels like going “off the wall” as he describes above, I for one would love to hear it. ‘Maybe ‘(20)18’, anyone?

Aurelio de Moraes on 28th January 2004 [Other reviews]

That´s a funny and "weirdo" album, it´s very similar to Rhapsodies for me. Rick has a very strange voice, when I heard "Do you belive in faries?" for the first time I was shocked. All the tracks are very good, I really recommend this album!

Sergey Lenkov on 4th May 2003 [Other reviews]

Don’t believe all negative reviews. Make your own choice. It’s a must. Because the album contains one of the best instrumental things Rick ever written - "Alpha Sleeps". If any person would ask: "Who is Rick Wakeman?" I’d get him to try this track. Here well-presented and well-balanced all elements of Rick’s music: melody, art-rock, electronic keyboards, virtuoso playing, influences of classic music. "Alpha" is a soundtrack to good science fiction or fantasy book. Another hit here is "Spy of 55". Very optimistic music, written with a good sense of humour.

Jon Hinchliffe on 15th September 1997 [Other reviews]

This is a rather quirky Wakeman with 3 tracks sung buy Rick himself. At times all I can hear is the quirky style but at other times I really enjoy this album. Normally it is the latter. The Plus tracks it seems to be the consensus, belong on 2000AD rather than Prophet. Even though Rick has attempted to keep to the style of the album, I think he fails because of the use of modern instruments.

Time Lady Rabeca on 20th August 1997 [Other reviews]

Overall, this is a very humorous album and a good one to listen to for a little something different from Rick. However, some of the 'plus' tracks sound as though they would be better off added to 2000 AD, since the keyboard voices are closer to that than the original Prophet. There is no particular 'style' I can pinpoint, though the 3 songs with lyrics seem on par with some of the pop music of the time. If you don't mind the change in 'sound' from the old to new, this is a great album, but for those more interested in continuity, I'd suggest moving all the plus tracks to either the beginning or end.