Reviews by Jon Hinchliffe

Reviews by Jon Hinchliffe

Review of Aspirant Sunset submitted on 9th August 1997

These discs were one of my last choices. I tend to prefer hard rock and Moog solos. But these discs have had a bigger place in my collection than I expected. I have to Confess Sunrise somehow grabs my attention as being a favourite but someone already has a review there. I think I then prefer Sunset but to be honest they are all pretty similar to me. Go on why not give one a go. They provide a great atmosphere for massaging your partner too.

Review of Prayers submitted on 9th August 1997

I was initially not to sure about buying this disc but I am glad I did it contains some great songs. Hymn of hope is has had its arrangement added to and now makes the Softsword version seems under worked. "I can hear you" is one of my all time favourite tracks it is an absolute Gem. The album contains readings by various people and I have to admit that I would normally program them out. Although the Devotion track it very thought provoking. A person purely interest in the songs should get the reworked versions on Can you Hear me? But I would recommend this to completists and the moog solo on "I can hear you" is at it full splendour on this.

Review of Rock n Roll Prophet Plus submitted on 15th September 1997

This is a rather quirky Wakeman with 3 tracks sung buy Rick himself. At times all I can hear is the quirky style but at other times I really enjoy this album. Normally it is the latter. The Plus tracks it seems to be the consensus, belong on 2000AD rather than Prophet. Even though Rick has attempted to keep to the style of the album, I think he fails because of the use of modern instruments.

Review of Cost of Living submitted on 15th September 1997

I own nearly all of Rick albums on CD and this is the only one I find tortuous to listen to (well maybe Rhapsodies as well). Rick completely missed my wave length on this. Every other track is an awful vocal one. The gentler tracks are more listenable but what was he doing on Bedtime Stories?. The one redeeming feature of the album is Gone But not Forgotten. Fortunately I prefer the recorded version on Greatest Hits. I suspect a lot of people will like Elegy though.

Review of The Classical Connection submitted on 15th September 1997

For years I struggled to appreciate Rick's quieter piano albums. This was my breakthrough album. This album is great. Rick's great piano playing (electric I think) goes without saying but what I really love is David Paton's bass work. I am normally deaf to bass work so when it hits me like this it is fantastic. This is the Best introduction to Rick's work in my opinion.

Review of Phantom Power submitted on 27th September 1997

Phantom Power is a soundtrack Album but not in the usual style. The album consists of full blown songs and it is as if the film was added to the soundtrack instead of vice Versa. In fact the video for Queen's "Heavens for everyone" would be a good example

Review of Can You Hear Me? submitted on 27th September 1997

This album is a must have. Although this is Cross over Rock, Atheists like me self need not fear. You don't have to be Christian to like this. This album contains 5 tracks originally from the Prayers Album but they have been augmented with a new choir. Al