Reviews by Aurelio de Moraes

Reviews by Aurelio de Moraes

Review of Silent Nights submitted on 14th July 2003

This is probably the best album Rick composed at the 80´s.He doesn´t uses amazing sounds at the keyboards,but the atmosphere of the songs is very interesting. The most beautiful one is "Man´s best friend", that you can listen and think how you like your dog, if you have one. The style of the album reminds me a lot of Brazilian rock from the 80´s. I just don´t understand why some people doesn´t like this album!

Review of 1984 submitted on 24th August 2003

This is an outstanding album, "The Room (brainwash)" for me is one of the best things Rick has ever composed! I also liked the band of the album, I don't know why Rick didn't like them. The track "1984" teaches anyone how to compose progressive rock music, and at the end there is something like a circus sound. "Julia" is the most beautiful song and for me Jon Anderson should sing "Robot Man", Chaka Khan sometimes is singing too loud. Rick should play "The Room" in his shows. Please Rick!

Review of Rock n Roll Prophet Plus submitted on 28th January 2004

That´s a funny and "weirdo" album, it´s very similar to Rhapsodies for me. Rick has a very strange voice, when I heard "Do you belive in faries?" for the first time I was shocked. All the tracks are very good, I really recommend this album!

Review of Out There submitted on 23rd July 2004

Great album! Reminds-me a lot some hard rock, specially the track " Universe of sound",that sounds like Deep Purple or Nightwish. Rick should use a real Hammond Organ in " to be with you", but that´s ok. I wish I could listen "Out there" on a space station, looking to Earth.

Review of Retro submitted on 16th May 2006

I had to buy this album at the internet, because it’s impossible to find Rick’s recent works here in Brazil, like the new DVD 'Made in Cuba'. But that’s ok, it’s for a good cause. Very, very good album, which reminds me a lot old Rick’s works. The synths are great, just like the Mellotron and the Hammond Organ. Ashley Holt is better then ever, and the big surprise is the vocals of Rick’s daughter, the beautiful Jemma Wakeman! This album is certainly better then a lot of works that Rick recorded at the eighties. The first track 'Just Another Day' gets things off to a great start. The second, 'Mr.Lonely' has some aggressive , weird and distorted vocals with a great moog solo. This moog me reminds me science, I don’t know why. 'One In The Eye' is an excellent short instrumental work out, with a great bass line. The song is very similar to 'White rock 2' pieces. The synths with Mellotron are very nice. Fernandez is excellent here while Rick has plenty of fun. Classic Wakeman. 'Men In White Suits' starts with a nice slow symphonic introduction. The Mellotron is well used here before Holt takes over with his powerful vocals. Then another instrumental section follows that again is classic trademark Wakeman before Holt returns again. Not too much to dislike here. Good solid prog. 'Leave The Blindfold' it’s very quiet, with not too many solos and is ably sung by Rick's daughter Jemma. 'Waveform' is the second pure instrumental piece on the album. This track reminds me a lot the great album 'Rhapsodies'. 'Retrospective' is another quiet and dramatic song, again with vocals by Jemma. 'Homage To The Doctor' is a tribute to Bob Moog as you might guess. Crazy moog solos, that Keith Emerson probably will love. Rick does some brilliant soloing before Jemma and Ashley finish the track off with great vocals. 'Can You Smell Burning' starts with some Wakeman Hammond work similar to Six Wives, with a tiny Hammond solo. Tony Fernandez provides the oomph factor on the drums. Top notch instrumental. The album is finished off with 'The Stalker'. Holt sounds suitably desperate as he laments not being able to be with his true love. The lyrics are maybe a little on the Andrew Lloyd Webber side of things but it’s okay. For me , this album is a masterpiece. I ´d really like to watch Rick performing this tracks alive, with all the vintage keyboards and Jemma and Ashley singing. Highly recommended CD!