Reviews by Tom Brenny

Reviews by Tom Brenny

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table submitted on 24th September 1997

The perfect marriage of rock with orchestra to create the definitive portrait of Arthur. Monumental music worthy of this great king. The moog sounds dated, but the music and orchestrations are timeless. The closest to a perfect album I've seen!

Review of Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record submitted on 24th September 1997

An album that has everything; the power of the church organ of 'Judas' (great for haunted houses), poignancy of the overdubbed pianos on 'Birdman...', humour of 'Breathalizer', and heavy electronics of side 1. Great production, performances, and the most melodic bass line I've ever heard (Chamber of Horrors). Great album!

Review of Rhapsodies submitted on 24th September 1997

A quirky album, with high spirits. Much of it very disco sounding. Although a lot of the keyboard sounds are tacky and dated, there's some good music. The jazz piano of 'Summertime' is outstanding. Though the rhythm section can't get past the funk and disco sound, still a lot of fun!

Review of 1984 submitted on 24th September 1997

After a very good overture, this album dies. Straight forward, bland rock that I would pass over on the radio. Vocals are very strange; Chaka Kahn screeches. Jon Anderson almost saves the day with vocals on only one piece. One to pass on - it'll just gather dust.