Reviews by Fernando Lantery

Reviews by Fernando Lantery

Review of Rhapsodies submitted on 19th May 2005

For me, this is one of the best of Rick’s albums. The music changes very much all the time to slow from fast, it’s confusing like Rick said, but it has a lot of different electronic sounds, a lot of good solos and the classic Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin, that Rick made a fantastic version of. This album I recommend for all people that have heard The Six Wives and The Myths and Legends, it’s a very different type of music, but is very good.

Review of White Rock submitted on 13th August 2005

For me, this album is great, it’s not in all albums of Wakeman that we find cool music like Montezuma's Revenge, White rock and The Shoot. They are very good, but Montezuma’s is terrific, it should be replayed, because Rick has never played something so simple and nice, White Rock is a big amazingly fast Moog solo, very funny at all, and The Shoot, its a very different music with incredible basses (synth basses) and a strong melody interpreted with a lot of different sounds, I think it should be replayed too! After the Ball is beautiful. Apart from that, I don't know what a piece like Lax'x is doing in this album, it’s very strange. The first eight albums made by Wakeman are incredible (except for Piano Vibrations that was not made by him, only interpreted, but it is good too) and this is one of them, everybody should listen to it!

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table submitted on 24th September 2005

Absolutely amazing! Everything I like is in here, classic style music using a lot of harpsichords, medieval choirs, excellent piano works and a lot of amazing classics keyboards sounds, featuring vintage Moogs and Mellotrons very well interpreted. It sound very creative, there is a huge orchestra sounds with exotic instruments (like church bells), that only Rick has the audacity to use.