Reviews by Cristian Muresanu

Reviews by Cristian Muresanu

Review of Piano Vibrations submitted on 16th January 2009

A positive beginning for not only piano, but nice rock orchestra, female background choir, soloists in some tracks, style raging from jazz, soul, pop, old rock and others. Calm, warm, but also energizing and each track is very different from the other.

Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 16th January 2009

Here is really Rick Wakeman born in what it will become the living legend in music. Styles are still mixed, ranging from classical inspirations, female choir and classical piano style interludes which bonds the pop-rock structures together, special recommandations to track Jane Seymour (electronic organ interpretation), and a good inspiration from Bizet’s Carmen opera on Catherine Howard timecode 3'56" of the piece.

Review of Journey to the Centre of the Earth submitted on 16th January 2009

The first masterwork, with classical orchestra, rock band, choir, soloists, synths and a storyteller, which really had reach the heart of the listeners all around the earth. Many classical oriented styles are intermixed with different rock colours, amazing female choirs, science fiction atmosphere and sound effects, the ending has a nice inspiration from Peer Gynt, The cave of the king of the mountains. (track 4 second part)