Reviews by Criag

Reviews by Criag

Review of Country Airs (Original) submitted on 22nd February 2010

As someone who was in the habit of buying all things "YES" when this album came out, the music on it came as a complete surprise. To this day, it is one of my absolute favourite CDs. I was very confused however, when I was upgrading from my original cassette to CD. It seems retailers were also confused, as I was sold the new version in the original cover. I had no idea it had been re-recorded and to my mind the original is far superior.

Review of Live On The Test submitted on 1st June 2017

I liked the rawness of this album. It feels like you're listening to the band in pub. It also made me appreciate No Earthly Connection more, which I now regard as one of Rick's best. (Spot Ashley Holt's lines fluff on The Journey).

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table submitted on 1st June 2017

Like quite many I suspect, my first Rick album was Journey To The Centre of The Earth. This one was next and I regard both as absolute classics - beautifully constructed and performed.

Review of White Rock submitted on 1st June 2017

Definitely worth having in the collection - some truly mesmerizing moments. I saw the film in the theatre when it was released, mainly so I could enjoy the soundtrack, which does go great with the images.

Review of Anderson/Wakeman - The Living Tree submitted on 1st June 2017

This is a very nice album. Almost sounds like Country Airs would've if Jon had've accompanied Rick on those long walks.

Review of Out There submitted on 1st June 2017

Very rocky bits interspersed with classic Rick keyboards and choir, this is Rick at his best - had me from the start.

Review of Fields of Green '97 submitted on 18th May 2022

I don't know why Rick is so down on this album. In my opinion it is one his best from the many of his 90s releases. Some classic Rick sounds, together with some ballads and a bit of rock. Great to hear the smooth yet strong voice of Chrissie Hammond (ex Cheetah, I discovered! If you're an Aussie, that means something). And I enjoy the added Election Special track (even though it is yet another example of musicians being treated abysmally!).