Review of Journey to the Centre of the Earth submitted on 14th August 2000

Being both a fan of Jules Verne and Yes, I much enjoy this classic from Rick Wakeman. Rick's keyboard playing meshes quite well with the orchestra. The vocals are somewhat light and some of the lyrics are a little cheesy. However, I find anyway, that this lends a certain charm and cosmic spacey-ness to the recording. To my ears, in some sections, the choir is a little overdone but that's not a bad thing in the genre of prog-rock. The narration is most excellent. I believe some of the narrative comes verbatim right from Verne's novel itself(?) - nice touch! This disc makes for great Lava-Lamp listening! For fans of Yes (and other prog-rockers), as well as Jules Verne's classic sci-fi story, I would definitely recommend this disc.