Reviews by Marco Guarato

Reviews by Marco Guarato

Review of Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV submitted on 20th November 2000

Please take note, everyone of you, that the lyrics of the album are not in Italian - it is Neapolitan, so you couldn't be able to understand it even if you are learning Italian. Mario Fasciano is Neapolitan as well - and I think this is why the album is so unique: the baroque, redundant renaissance style of our Rick goes directly into the baroque, redundant mediterranean style of Neapolitan popular music, creating a brand new style that you only can define TRULY progressive. Also note that in Italy the album has been almost completely unsold - strange things happen under the sun of Napoli!

Review of Anderson/Wakeman - The Living Tree In Concert Part One submitted on 31st December 2012

I really think "23-24-11" is the best song ever written by Jon & Rick. EVER. And this live rendition is just sublime. This only song earns the album a top score, but listen to "And You And I" and "The Meeting" as well. Ah, and "Time And A Word". Ok, listen to the whole album. You will be grateful.