Anderson/Wakeman - The Living Tree In Concert Part One (2012)

Anderson/Wakeman - The Living Tree In Concert Part One

#Track TitleLength
1And You and I5m 19s
2Living Tree (Part 1)4m 5s
3Morning Star4m 24s
4Long Distance Runaround2m 49s
5Garden3m 7s
6Living Tree (Part 2)4m 19s
7Time and a Word4m 56s
8Just One Man4m 47s
923/24/115m 43s
10Southside6m 50s
11House of Freedom6m 20s
12The Meeting3m 58s
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Jon AndersonVocals and GuitarsAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • No info
  • Recorded during the 2010 tour of the UK
  • No info
Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Marco Guarato on 31st December 2012 [Other reviews]

I really think "23-24-11" is the best song ever written by Jon & Rick. EVER. And this live rendition is just sublime. This only song earns the album a top score, but listen to "And You And I" and "The Meeting" as well. Ah, and "Time And A Word". Ok, listen to the whole album. You will be grateful.