RWCC News September 1988

RWCC News September 1988

Dear Maniacs,

Quite a lot has happened over the last couple of months, and it looks like a lot is going to happen in the coming months, and so we'll do our best to keep you up to date.


The Time Machine is now in selected shops! We say "selected" as it appears people are still having trouble finding releases in the shops.

We can only suggest you hassle and in desperation write to President Records. Next month you'll be pleased to know we will be starting mail order for those "difficult" records, providing of course that we can get them.

A lot of people have enquired about Rock and Roll Prophet. PRT, who distributed the album, have been very helpful, but sadly have no records left in stock, so on that front I'm afraid it's now a dead end, and it's search round the second hand record shops time.

The Zulu choir project is now well under way, and the band travel to Swaziland in September to record a video with the choir and also some Swaziland dancers. Rick is genuinely very pleased with the tracks which feature Tony Fernandez on drums and percussion, Davy Paton on bass, Dave Martin (lovingly called Diesel by one and all) and Ashley Holt on lead vocals.

For the musically interested, the tracks are very much of a rock and roll nature and it is really quite different from anything before.

As regards label releases, nothing is known yet. It was commissioned through a private company, and it is up to them where, when and how they place it. In the beginning of September, Rick flies, (well it's too bloody far to walk), to Naples, in Italy for five days, to record with an Italian drummer, who is well known for his Neapolitan music. The ensuing album is we believe only for the Italian market, but if this is the case then we shall do our best to procure some copies for those of you who wish to give it an earful.

20th Year

Some of you, well most of you actually, aren't old enough to realise that next year Rick celebrates his twentieth year in the business. It's actually longer than that, but it was decided to pick a moment in his musical career that he first came to the public's notice, and so 1969 came up, as that was when Rick worked extensively with David Bowie, and included the classic Space Oddity track on which Rick played and received quite wide acclaim for.

And so Rick Has been looking to do a few special things for next year, and subject to a few t's being crossed, and a few i's being dotted, it looks certain that at least two albums will appear next year, on a new label.

One is an hour long re-make of "Journey to the Centre of The Earth" and the other is likely to be a selection of re-recorded tracks from the past twenty years, with two or three new tracks thrown in for good measure. This will all hopefully be confirmed by the time of the next newsletter.

It is also hoped to perform Journey live in its new full length version at Peel Cathedral in August of New Year.

Negotiations are now virtually complete to perform the Gospels with an orchestra and choir at Glasgow Cathedral in March 1990, yes 1990. It will be for five days and will be with Ramon Remedios and Robert Powell.

Alexander Mezak

The Presented to the Heart project is still going! Cliff Richard has finished his vocals which sound fantastic and Rick awaits the next moves as much as you probably do

General Rubbish

Thanks to all who have supported the gigs over the last couple of months. The lads have actually had a lot of fun, and in fact would have in fact done a lot more had it not been for studio commitments.

On the management front, Rick and Brian Adams have parted company. Amicably we hasten to add, and they will continue their relationship as regards Studio House, where Rick records in England, and also with outstanding projects previously arranged.

Rick's golf handicap has been cut to 17.


Sunday 4th September - Isle of Wight
Monday 19th September - Swindon
Tuesday 20th September - Halifax
Monday 26th September - Barbican, ( 'this is a charity gig in front of Princess Margaret, and Rick is only playing for ten minutes!)
Saturday 1st October - Towcester
Sunday 9th October - Peterborough (Two Shows)

As the proposed Russian trip has been moved to some time next year, it is hoped to fill November and December up quite a lot with concerts.


You hopefully caught Rick's appearance on "Cue Gary" the other Saturday, well keep your eyes peeled for his performances in the Hale and Pace show on LWT due sometime in October, also displaying his outrageous cooking skills in The Reluctant Cook, a BBC extravaganza.

Rick also appeared in the children's series with Rosser and Davies which was recorded at Central TV.

Negotiations are progressing nicely as regards the filming of a Suite of Gods in Greece next Easter.


On the 18th September, Rick will be demonstrating!!! his golfing skills in the Howard Keel Classic, alongside such notables as Howard Keel himself, Bruce Forsyth and Jimmy Tarbuck. All the money goes the way of the NSPCC, so if you live in the area pop along.

More General Rubbish

There is a more than seventy five percent chance that The Gospels will be performed in Douglas on the Isle of Man, with a three hundred piece choir on the 18th of December in the big LIDO.

Negotiations are almost complete for MANX airlines in conjunction with the Palace Group on the Island to run charter flights from Liverpool, encompassing a weekend on the Isle of Man, first class hotel accommodation, and of course the concert, at an "all in" package price.

All club members will have the price of their tickets, (including spouse, girl friend, somebody else's girl friend,) deducted from the package price if they are brave enough to make the journey.

That's all for now, hope the postal strike doesn't stop this reaching you before Xmas, and watch for the November issue. And of course the bumper Xmas edition.

Text scanned, OCRd and checked by Jon Hinchliffe

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