Reviews by Sanjeev Raman

Reviews by Sanjeev Raman

Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 25th November 1999

Just got the album today. I have put it on "Repeat" Mode in the CD player!! Blew my brains out, when I heard some of the stuff. Infact, the whole album has an underlying Baroque feel to it. Kinda reminds one of J.S. Bach. But you can't take away the brilliance that hits you every time you listen to the album. The section between the first 22nd to 30th seconds of "Catherine of Aragon" has been ripped off by Iron Maiden and used in the intro to their piece "Mother Russia". Bravo, Mr Wakeman- A masterpiece!! Though I wonder why the stuff that he has composed with YES isn't half as brilliant!

Review of Journey to the Centre of the Earth submitted on 25th November 1999

A great concept album. I remember reading the novel when I was a kid in school. The album blows me away just as much as the book did. Makes you nostalgic of the old times!! The music interspersed with the narrative provides a good scenic texture to the whole body of work. A brilliant piece of music!!

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table submitted on 25th November 1999

Picked up this album today along with "Journey....Earth" and "The Six wives ........". It is truly mindblowing. Calling it brilliant may be considered an understatement. Though I don't really like the vocals on it. They sound tired. But on the whole, a masterpiece. "Merlin the Magician" gets top ranking among the tracks.