GORR July 2010

GORR July 2010

There’s no doubt about it, when you get older, time passes quicker. Looking at my diary I hardly have time to blink before Xmas, but I’m not complaining as the diversity of stuff really makes life interesting.

June was a manic month with the trip to Estonia for a golf tournament in aid of the SPARKS charity. £10,000 went into the kitty which alongside my other golf day (next month), goes to a specialist research department at Gt Ormond St.

The course in Estonia was tremendous. My golf was not. I had a day to forget when it comes to having a golf club in your hand. My opening shot was appalling, and from there on my game got worse. Just for the record, I didn’t win.

I played fractionally better at a Comedian’s Golf Society day where I succeeded in not finishing bottom, (but also, nowhere near the top).

Two games of golf in a month I hear you say ….what’s this all about …..well it’s part of the ongoing very slowly lose weight plan. I’m down a stone since Xmas which admittedly is only averaging about half a pound a week, but it is slowly going and along with gentle bike rides, (these have actually had to come to a halt for a week or so as I mended my saddle two weeks ago and only realised when I took the bike out, {it’s a fold up one}, that I had put the saddle on backwards).

The Grassington Festival was absolutely lovely. Beautiful setting and lovely people too. The show at Barnstaple at the Queen’s Theatre was quite special too as it was on Father’s Day and my daughter Jemma turned up with suitable card and present. I say suitable, but the present was a tortoise soft toy which will come in really handy! (Actually it’s sitting on my desk and I have sadly found myself talking to it recently).

I’ve got some church concerts coming up and the first was indeed in June at Happing, which is very close to home, so I was back and in bed before midnight which doesn’t happen very often.

I felt very honoured to be a part of the Not Forgotten Association’s star studded concert in the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace. The event was hosted by The Princess Royal Princess Anne who was tremendously relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable. I met up with some old friends like Simon Williams the actor, David Copperfield the comedian and Hannah Gordon, for who I wrote the music for one of her many films, A Day After The Fair, which to this day is still the favourite for me of all the films I have been involved with.

The big thrill was meet Dame Judi Dench who was everything I’d hoped she would be and to have a conversation with her was quite special.

If you want to know more about the Not Forgotten Association, you can check out their website…. www.nfassociation.org

July has begun equally as manic and already I have been a part of a British Forces Foundation event at The Dorchester in London where I renewed acquaintances with many dear friends, Jim Davidson and Lady Thatcher to name but two. (This GORR is really turning into a mass of name-dropping !!!…sorry about that)!

Another event that I loved to bits was that of an event held in Kent by ROARR. This is a vintage car rallying association and they do an incredible amount of great work, especially in India. I was in my element surrounded by some fabulous old cars including Bentleys, Rolls Royce’s, Lanchesters, Alfa Romeos & Porsches to name but a few …If you like old cars …then check them out on their website.

As part of the Chichester Festival I played the Cathedral which is nothing short of stunning and a wonderful place to perform. Coming up on the 14th I will be at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks and then on the 16th at Bath Abbey.

Thursday the 22nd I will be at All Saints in Hertford, on the 28th at the New Life Christian Church in Lincoln and then on Friday the 30th I’ll be at St Mary’s Church in Bury St Edmunds.

On Sunday the 25th I’ll be at the High Voltage Festival and at around 5.30 I’m told they will be showing a short excerpt from the Hampton Court Show at the cinema there which will be followed by a Q&A which will be ably looked after by none other than my Saturday morning cohort, David Kid Billy Goat Jensen Interceptor ….should be fun!

Some of you may have read in various newspapers about Vintage Television and seen my name mentioned. This is a new channel, due to be launched in a couple of months and as soon as I have more information it will appear on the site and in the next GORR.

On the odd days I’m not “officially” working this month I will be tidying up loose ends, of which there are loads! I don’t have a PA, official office or secretary, so when I’m away or out of circulation for a few days, stuff piles up and as April, May and June were so busy, the pile is now enormous!

See you next month !


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