GORR December 2010

GORR December 2010

A real mixture of news to report for December and I'll get the sad news out of the way first and finally confirm that Rick's Place on Planet Rock on a Saturday morning is to have its last show on Xmas Day.

Here is the official announcement as put out by Planet Rock…

The Curtain comes down on Rick's Place on Planet Rock

After 217 shows, 2 pantos, over 4,000 terrible jokes (only 3 original), 3 co-hosts, 500 grumpy rants and only 1 Ofcom complaint (not-upheld) the national institution that is Rick's Place on Planet Rock reaches its final conclusion at year end.

The show that gave away a priceless moog synthesiser and the YES tour bus has been the longest running show on Planet Rock, achieving record ratings for the station.

Trevor White, Planet Rock Programme Director, said "Over the past 4 years we have had as much fun off air as we have had on. And our thanks go out to Rick for his relentless energy, constant creativity, remarkable humour and capacity to offend at all times. Rick is truly one of Rock's great characters and will be greatly missed by all the team."

I'd just like to add to this that I have had a wonderful 5 years and have made so many friends at Planet Rock and indeed I know that the friendships will continue for many years to come.

I can say though, that this is not the end for myself and David "Kid Billy Goat Mighty Interceptor Klinker" Jensen as there are currently quite a few irons in the fire as regards a new home for us and with a bit of good fortune and a following wind we should be back on the air by Easter at the very latest in one capacity or another with a new name and new ideas ….but still based on the same stupidity!

Whilst on the subject of radio, Radio NOVA continues to gather pace and it's such good fun doing the Saturday 6 o'clock show for them and it's also nice to be back insulting Hoffy at every available opportunity too!

So much happened in November that will affect 2011, that I thought I'd mention some stuff now. The Project 360 tour that Jon and I did has resulted in firm offers for touring around the world with this show and already Canada has been confirmed for October and Poland is just about to be firmed up in connection with other European dates for around the same period.

There are three separate promoters looking at the USA and there are possibilities for a few more shows in the UK for the end of 2011.

How much Jon and I will end up doing is not known at the moment as we have to fit in the plans to both record and hopefully perform live with Trevor Rabin which I am so looking forward to.

As regards the rest of December, it's called "meetings"… and yet more "meetings", in order to set things up for next year.

I will be slotting in our annual village Xmas celebration at the local church, which is always great fun (just think Dibley), and I wouldn't miss for the world.

Well all that's left for me to say is for you all to have a very happy Xmas and a healthy and successful New Year in all you do …

…….see you next year ……………Rick and all the family.

The January GORR is going to full of my predictions for the year and it will be interesting to see how many actually happen!

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