GORR June 2022

GORR June 2022

There is no other way to start this GORR for June without saying how very upset I still am after hearing that Alan passed away.
YES became very fragmented from 2006 onwards and that has had both positive and negative results, depending on how you view the band and its long history.
After hearing the news, I sat with a cup of tea and with eyes closed, (not whilst drinking the tea I hasten to add), visualised and recalled looking from the side of the stage and marvelling at the drums and bass solo that he and Chris did night after night and every performance being that little bit different. For me, Chris and Alan undoubtedly produced, some of the finest bass and drum solos ever to be seen and heard on stage.
Classic YES memories that can never be repeated and for all of us who witnessed those great times, we should all be eternally grateful. I certainly am.

May saw more work on the tracks for a Gallery of the Imagination and as I've said over the last few months, I'm really pleased with how the album is shaping up. This month will see more keyboard additions from me and a lot of lyric writing before we record vocals from Hayley in July on no less than 8 tracks and then it will be up to Erik to mix it and get it ready to "hand over" at the end of July.

Now don't laugh… but I have been making regular visits to a physiotherapist and sports instructor to help me with the arthritis in my feet and ankles and it really does help. It won't cure the problem, but it does help with everyday walking with the dogs and stuff like that, but the sports physio has said it's unlikely I'll play for England!… the pole vault is a non-starter as well.

I've got various trips to London for meetings about the future, which include the new Xmas tour of the UK and the Starmus festival in September in Armenia with Brian May and many others.

I am hoping to have a short round of golf, just 9 holes locally as well during this month in order for me to try and get back in the swing, (clever pun that), as I plan to start a regular nine holes in the morning early before the rest of the house wakes up!!… Couple that with the dog walking and with a bit of luck I might even approach pensioner fitness by the start of the Xmas tour!

That's all the news for June… enjoy the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations…

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