GORR June 2020

GORR June 2020

...............and so as the lockdown continues in its many forms, we have been trying to plan for the future which to some extent, is totally unknown and in the lap of the gods, which is the same for all of us.

The month of June looks decidedly empty, (well it's completely empty if I'm honest), but it's a great opportunity to play the piano and that indeed is what I have been doing a lot and have found it extremely inspirational and creative and look forward at some juncture when the restrictions are lifted, to going through the pages of manuscript that are building up.

I do make notes when creative things happen such as noting whether or not the music is for the band, orchestra, piano, vocals or indeed a mixture of all of these. Occasionally I will have a day of returning to them all and do a bit of "weeding" as there is always the element of rose tinted glasses when you're writing.

I also want to get properly started on the new Grumpy Old Rockstar book and now is as good a time as any.

The Xmas tour is something positive to look forward to for me, (and I hope any of you who are coming along), and we are already well into sorting 2021 out which is looking like being incredibly busy performance wise... which means that I have to get myself fit, lose weight and exercise more… (3 things I find extremely difficult), and am getting the bicycles serviced (took a day to find them), so that I can have regular cycle rides, starting gently with journeys of up to 100 yards with an aim to reach 110 yards by the end of the month!

I have been gently whacking a tennis ball back and forth with my wife Rachel, which is great fun. We start with 12 balls and when we've knocked them all over the fence, we stop. The average games lasts around 15 minutes at present so we are looking at getting more balls.

The release of The Red Planet draws ever nearer and I hope to get my hands on a finished copy myself very soon!

That's about it really… keep safe, keep well and keep focused on a brighter future ahead for us all...

Cheers Rick

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