GORR October 2012

GORR October 2012

What a momentous month September was with the completion of Journey to the Centre of the Earth and organising its very special release in time for Christmas in association with Future Publishing, who of course have all the major music magazines such as Classic Rock and Prog Mag.

Journey will appear as one of their very special “fanpacks” and will arrive in over 1,900 stores in the UK prior to Xmas and will have with it, a 132 page magazine/book which will be packed with stuff about the album plus pictures and interviews never before seen.

There will also be the complete history of the Journey from its outset plus interviews with many of those who participated in its making.

Moving into this month, mastering takes place in a week or so at Abbey Road when I return from New Zealand where I am doing three piano shows and really looking forward to them too.

It’s already been absolutely manic this month with more filming for Watchdog which as always is so enjoyable, plus some filming for a Canadian television station about my involvement with Morning Has Broken.

I have a one man show coming up at Halesworth in Norfolk on the 17th of October as part of their Arts Festival.

I am taking part in a concert with The English Chamber Choir on the 27th, (full details on their website) and that’s about it concert wise as the rest of the time will be taken up with rehearsing for the South American shows which include an orchestral and band concert of both Journey and Six Wives in Buenos Aires and band shows in Chile and Brazil. Lots to rehearse as we welcome Nick Beggs to the fold on bass as Lee Pomeroy is off on tour with Gary Barlow.

Much of this month will also be taken up with getting material ready for the book for Journey and preparing the special play back event in London at the end of the month.

Looking ahead to next year, the Gloucester show is now looking like it’s going to be “shows” with Journey on the Saturday and Arthur on the Sunday, although they might be the other way round. A new fantastic venue has been lined up too. We’re almost certain it will be held at Llanthony Priory which is a beautiful setting and just perfect in every way. We are also assured of filming both nights for both television broadcast and also for DVD release at a later date.

The year is racing by and there are still not enough hours in the day. I have a special to record for television over a two day period in Leicester on the life of my dear friend Jon Lord, and this will certainly be an emotional roller-coaster.

I have a film score to complete and record for a very well shot The Haunting of Harry Payne.
Off to Hungary in December too for a short piano involvement and a 2 day event in Sussex with Roger Dean, who incidentally is doing the cover for the Journey album which is thrilling for me as you can imagine.

Reading back over all this, I’ve suddenly come over all tired!!!!...so I’ll try and catch up in the November GORR!


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