GORR December 2023

GORR December 2023

This GORR is very late I know and I can only apologise. I have been trying to come up with an excuse but have failed miserably. Truth is that it's been extremely busy trying to tie up loose ends before the new year, and truth is also, that I've failed miserably!

Anyway, it's almost Xmas which we will be spending at home with the dogs, cats and wonderful mother-in-law. Lots of relaxing in front of the log burner, lots of walks with the dogs and lots of playing board games, which will mostly never get finished as Rachel does not like losing and tends to tip the boards up if she's not winning!

I will admit that this year has not been what I had hoped musically, but more of that in the 2023 review in the January GORR.

So far in December I had a lovely time at the Princess Theatre in Hunstanton where Erik set my keyboards up amongst the Jack and the Beanstalk stage set and it was great to see the lovely old theatre flourishing. They have some great shows on there and all credit to Brian Hallard and his team for doing such a great job.

I also went up to Sheffield for the charity lunch for sports for young kids which I do every year. It was held at the Casino in Sheffield, and no, I did not have a gamble!

I also went down to London to record the Xmas show with Simon Mayo for Greatest Hits Radio and what a lovely day that was with an invited audience and lots of Xmas music. It really made me feel very Xmassy!

The 14th was a very special day as it was our 12th Wedding Anniversary and so we went, (with the dogs), off for a lovely lunch by the sea in Aldeburgh.

On the 16th I played at a special event held by a close friend of mine at a beautiful Hall which is also his home. It was a great evening. Lots of lovely people, great food and only an hour and a half from my house, so I was home in time for Match of the Day, which I didn't watch as Brentford lost and Man City only drew. I watched National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation instead.

On the 21st we are off to a carol concert in the next village and then on the 23rd it's the Saving Strays fund raising concert in Ipswich, which at the time of writing this GORR I am pleased to announce that there are only 21 tickets left to sell.

On the 28th we will be meeting up for lunch with some of the kids and grandchildren, which is always a good bunfight!

…and before we know it, it will be New Years Eve… Which as we are all non-drinkers, can be extremely boring as all you tend to do is keep looking at the clock! This year though we will walk the dogs, play with the cats and attempt a few more board games if all the pieces from Xmas Day can be found…… then listen to Big Ben strike 12 and go to bed!!

So whatever you are planning for Xmas, I hope you have a very happy one and that the new year brings happiness and health and much needed joy in all our hearts.

Cheers Rick

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