GORR October 2021

GORR October 2021

Late again… but there is a reason… still sorry though!!!

As you are all probably aware, lots of bands and artistes have been cancelling or postponing shows because of concerns over Covid restrictions and we were waiting on confirmation of my concerts and the wishes and advice from all the venues as well as my management, agent, and promoter.

A decision was made a couple of days ago as you will have seen from the announcement. By very much sticking to an east coast scenario, it avoids internal flying, which does seem to be a concern.

I did make it clear that I would accept postponements, but not outright cancellations as I was really looking forward to visiting all of the cities and towns and it also does seem that more are going to be added next year when hopefully there is more control over the virus.

I have been double vaccinated and will be having a test 3 days before I fly next Monday. I am not someone who panics but have been very sensible as regards taking advice over the last two years as regards the best way of protecting myself and others and have felt very safe because of this and I know my promoter and management have taken every step to maintain the safety of everybody who is coming to a show.

I am just treating it as a normal tour… (not that my tours are that normal!!)… The meet and greets I love and look forward to - those and seeing old friends and making new ones.

The music is taking shape nicely, as indeed are the anecdotes although this time there will be some serious and sensible stories amongst the usual ridiculousness!

One thing we have added to the shows is that of a new "Ask Rick" section. Upon arrival there will be sheets of paper where anyone can write a question that they would like addressed during the concert and these will be brought to me before the concert starts and I will select a couple to bring up during the show… the most obvious ones are unlikely to get answered and also those of an embarrassing nature are likely to be excluded… or perhaps not!!

Finally… I will be continuing my gentle fitness regime whilst in America… (yes you read that correctly)… I have increased my walking a lot over the last 6 months and am now averaging 15 miles a week with walking our three rescue dogs, which when you add that distance to what I was walking before the dogs arrived, it now means I am doing… err… 15 miles a week!

Also, thanks to my lovely wife, I am now going to a fitness coach once a week and I have to say he has helped me tremendously, but still laughs at some of my feeble attempts!… Whilst on the tour I intend to do morning walks as if the dogs were with me (this means twenty steps and then stopping by a lamp post for a minute or so before continuing and also if there's a gym at the hotel we happen to be staying at, I will spend half an hour a day in there (mainly looking at the equipment I expect).

I have been told that in the three and a half weeks I should be able to get rid of around 5 kilos. (that's a whole bum I think).

So, it will be sensible eating, sensible exercise, sensible sleeping, sensible behaviour" well at least I'll have the concerts to look forward to!!!

Cheers, Rick

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