GORR July 2015

GORR July 2015

Rather familiar opening to the July GORR, with an apology for it being so late. The problem I have is a distinct lack of guaranteed time in which to do it and so it gets added to in stages throughout the month and then of course things change or I’m waiting for some confirmation on something or other, and delays happen. Pretty poor excuses, but I tried!


....is really moving ahead at full steam and the interest has been tremendous, so much so, that we are already looking at different ideas to include for 2016!
The dates, as you probably know, are Friday 30th October, Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November.

As of July 1st, WAKEmanFEST is lining up like this, with the proposed running order on our dedicated page

We will also be launching a new book publishing company that will include new books for children of all ages and books for adults that still think they are children. There will also be audio books and readings in side rooms from some of the authors. I can guarantee it will be fun.

Just recapping over a few things, Planet Rock was great fun. There’s no talk of Hoffy and I being asked again, but it was great fun, even if it were only for 6 shows.

July and August are both very much months of getting stuff prepared for events coming up for the last quarter of the year and into next year.

For 2016, talks are very far advanced for a tour of South America with the English Rock Ensemble and that is 95% confirmed. Also we are quite a long way down the line as regards a North American tour of the One Man Piano Show and that would be tremendous if that could happen. At the moment, the agent concerned is looking at 20–25 dates across the country. They are talking about May, but the actual period has yet to be confirmed or agreed. We are also currently booking part two of the show I did in the UK earlier this year. We’re looking at a further 20 places, all new venues that weren’t included earlier this year.

We are also looking at two possible recording options for next year, and although very likely to come to fruition, discussions are in the early stages.

I am sure you have all read my posting on the site as regards the desperately sad passing of Chris Squire. I will admit that it’s still very hard to come to terms with and I think, because we lived thousands of miles apart and didn’t see each other that often, it still doesn’t seem real to me that I won’t see him again. I have lost so many friends over the last few years that mortality really starts to hit home and to make the most of every minute of every day with all you do and with the people you love.

I have so many things I want to do musically and artistically and that has to be a resolution for 2016 to make sure as many as possible get under way.

Next GORR very soon, which will very much be updates of things to come before the end of the year and hopefully, lots of good news!

Enjoy the summer


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