GORR May 2023

GORR May 2023

Well, it wouldn't be a proper GORR if it arrived on time, now would it!!! so once again apologies, but I do have lots of excuses!

My main excuse is that we for the last few weeks we have been in the final stages of moving house, which as many of you will know, is somewhat traumatic even if it goes smoothly!

As well as the move, it's been a busy time which included taking part in a wonderful concert to raise money for the special school my granddaughter  (Oliver's daughter) attends. It was a wonderful evening which Oliver organised really well and raised a goodly sum of money too, so much so that I understand it is going to be an annual event. It was lovely to meet up with my dear friend Gordon Giltrap, whose playing was some of the best I've ever heard from him. Carrie Martin also took part and what a talent she is…

Also at the end of April, Peter Egan and myself took over the Mill at Sonning, courtesy of Sally the wonderful owner, who lets us have an evening every year to raise money for Animals Asia and what a night we had… our special on stage guest was John Culshaw… total genius with his phenomenal skill at impersonating. Ozzy Osbourne was priceless!!

So far during this month I have also had meetings in order to set up a performance of The New Gospels, which with a few small re-writes and musical additions, will re-appear under the new title of Christus. The venue has yet to be confirmed, but it will be in either Norfolk or Suffolk on Easter Monday next year, which believe it or not, falls on April Fools Day. It will be performed with a new tenor after the sad passing of Ramon Remedios and similarly as regards the narrator, as Garfield Morgan is no longer with us either. There will be a line up of myself, Oliver Wakeman on keyboards as well and a percussionist and guitarist as well as some orchestral musicians and a choir.

Dates are being organised for the second leg of the piano and keyboard one man show in America later in the year and this is likely to be the last one man show there, so miss "The Final Grump Tour" at your peril as there will not be any more! The reason is that the arthritic hands can't take the battering that the one-man show requires anymore. I can still get through okay but back in the dressing room at the end, the hands are plunged into an ice bucket of ice and ice-cold water in order to get some relief and so in future I am looking at touring with other musicians in order to share the load… this will mainly be with the English Rock Ensemble or members of the band.
I will still continue to do the odd one man show, but these will be one offs and mainly for the charities I support. I have a beautiful music room at the new house and so I will be spending a lot of time putting together various projects that I have been planning for the last few years.

There is really so much musically still to do that I want to make sure happens and so life will be just as busy, but just in a different way.

As Miranda's mother would say… "Such Fun"!

Cheers Rick

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