GORR October 2019

GORR October 2019

I'm writing this GORR in my hotel room in St Louis as I reach the halfway point in the Grumpy Old Rockstar tour which to date has been absolutely brilliant. Fabulous audiences and in general, pretty decent pianos although a couple have been pretty dreadful and I will admit that is a little bewildering to me as after all it is a piano show!......Regardless of that the concerts have been really enjoyable and in spite of the pretty heavy schedule I have managed to stay on my diet although I am beginning to be a little sick of soup and salad and trail mix and nuts, but the "no bread" rule has certainly given me more energy than usual........why is it all the food that's good for you tastes like cardboard!

Obviously all of October revolves around the tour but it has given me the opportunity to spend time with my management and American agent to discuss possibilities for 2020 which are likely to include a continuation of this Grumpy Old Rockstar tour in towns and cities not included this year.

On tour in America and Canada gives great opportunities to see friends and relatives and that's exactly what I've done. Almost every show has seen good friends show up and daughter Manda and the grandkids Finn and Gemma showed up at the show near Pittsburgh which was lovely.

I have also been working on the third of the Grumpy Old Rockstar books whilst in hotel rooms. The working title at the moment is Even More Dentures of a Grumpy Old Rockstar.....all being well will be out in time for Xmas 2020.

I'll attempt to do the November GORR before the tour is over and do a final report on this tour as well......and if the second half of the tour is as enjoyable as the first half then that will mean a big smile on my face.

Cheers, Rick

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