GORR September 2013

GORR September 2013

What fun indeed was had at Edinburgh in August. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, saw loads of old friends and made loads of new ones especially the team of puppeteers in PuppetUp, which was such a fantastic show. I saw it 5 times and even got invited to take part on my last day there. If ever this show comes anywhere you, I beseech you not to miss it!

It’s amazing the amount of stuff that piles up when you’re away, even though you check e-mails and other stuff every day and sure enough I came home to a very full inbox.

One of the first things to sort out was the short participation in the European Proms concerts for November and December as we had a cut off point this side of things after which we could not get the music prepared as needed and sadly, that deadline came and went and so my participation in this European event will not be happening. Instead I shall now be locked in the studio with Erik Jordan during this period, recording.

September is a pretty busy month and with a few nights out as well. On Tuesday 3rd I shall be at the Prog Rock Awards at Kew Gardens where I know that at least one of my offspring will be there, Oliver, and where I will be presenting the Prog God Award for 2013......and I truthfully have no idea who the recipient is either!

On Friday 6th I travel with my good friend Ian Paice to Sardinia where we will be guesting as part of a band in a private function the following day. Sounds like fun and Ian has done it a few times before and says it’s a hoot, so we’ll be hooting away in Sardinia for a couple of days! I’m also actually fitting in a few golf days as I really need the exercise!

Work will also be taking place as regards all the musical organisation needed for the Journey concerts. Tickets still going exceptionally well and the two French dates are now also on sale.

Next month I will be able to announce the official release date of the studio Journey to the Centre of the Earth, complete with all the Roger Dean artwork. I’m really excited about this. Roger has done his usual fantastic job and taken the whole thing to another level.

I was hoping to try and recreate the concert with orchestra and choir that we did at Cheltenham Racecourse earlier in the year as I really would like to have that recorded and filmed but it’s proving too complicated and with everything else that’s going on I have decided it’s not worth the hassle at this juncture, but maybe some time in the future.

The remainder of this year is very much going to be that of preparation for next year and indeed 2015. Time really flies by and everything seems to take considerably longer than expected.

The Journey concerts are truly heading toward being as spectacular as I always dreamed they could be and whilst not wishing time away, I know that the first part of next year will race by and the first show, (Albert Hall), will loom ever closer.

Finally, remember you can follow my daily stupidity on twitter @GrumpyOldRick but even more importantly, if it’s news and it’s not here on the RWCC website...then it probably isn’t true!

See you next month.


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