GORR July 2021

GORR July 2021

It's always interesting to receive requests to take part in third party projects which up until recently mainly consisted of invites to play on recordings, film and TV invites and special events, but in recent years you can add podcasts to this list.

It does appear that virtually everybody is doing podcasts these days and I have to ask myself… why?

I get asked to do at least 4 every week, and every week… I politely turn them down.

There are some very good podcasts that are really interesting… Michael Fenton Stevens for example has a great twist to his podcasts and are always well worth a listen. Another one that I personally think is great is that of the Hairy Biker's Podcast and indeed I will be recording one with them later this month.

It has made me remember the dreaded "Chat Room" online, of which I only ever joined in once… and when I logged in, I was amazed to find that I was already there slagging off various musicians I had worked with… whoever it was did leave after I made it clear that I was me and he wasn't and that's the problem with a lot of social media which is brilliant, but could be even more brilliant if it could somehow be policed. That is why some years ago I publicly announced that if you didn't read it or have it confirmed on the RWCC website, then it probably wasn't true!

I have been spending quite a lot of time in the studio recording a mixture of third party projects and also the new album, which is really taking shape and I'm very pleased with how it is going. I have another 10 days booked this month in the studio and at least the same in August and I hope to have it finished by early September.

The album does have a concept… but I'm not saying what it is as I've been caught out a few times by announcing what I think is a great idea and then to find a few weeks down the line… other people are now doing something on the same subject. I fell foul of such happenings very recently with a project I was working on with Sir Tim Rice which is now extremely annoyingly dead in the water, but Sir Tim and I are actively working on a new idea, possible better than the first, and we're telling NOBODY!!!

This is probably a suitable moment to thank everybody who sent congratulations as regards being awarded a CBE including my old chums in YES. I still find it unbelievable that I was given this award, but do feel really honoured. It'll be interesting for me to wear a top hat when I have to go to Buckingham Palace, as I've never worn one before… I reckon it should increase my height to around seven foot two!

This month I will also be recording with a celebrity team for The Chase. I did appear once before and whilst doing well on the cash builder, was a disaster on the actual chase and Ann Heggarty slaughtered me and I was particularly embarrassed by a question about Marmite.

I hated Marmite back then and hate it even more now!!

On the 27th, 28th and 29th I will be performing with son Adam and Hayley ("Strictly") Sanderson at Ronnie Scott's in London. It will be to a reduced capacity audience because of restrictions, but truth is, I am just so desperate to play as indeed are Hayley and Adam, so it was lovely to be asked and this is something I'm really looking forward to.

The set will be very different to anything I've done in the past and if it works well, then there's a good chance we may do some more next year.

At last it seems there is lots to look forward to… The USA Even Grumpier Old Rockstar Tour in October and November is on sale as indeed is the Xmas Even Grumpier Old Xmas Show in the UK.

I have a very good feeling that 2022 is going to be a very special year.

Cheers, Rick

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