GORR January 2012

GORR January 2012

I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve and reminiscing somewhat. Another year nearly over and a most enjoyable one it’s been too if I may say so. I always find it interesting that throughout the year quite a few large projects come to the forefront, but it always seems to be the least likely ones that come to fruition and the ones that are as guaranteed as possibly can be, fall by the wayside.

December is usually a quiet month. Unless you’re doing pantomime or lots of Xmas shows, then it’s a “not a lot happening” time of the year, but for some strange reason, this year has been quite the opposite with numerous meetings and e-mails flying backwards and forwards about projects for 2012, all of which are pretty exciting, (well they are for me anyway), and as the New Year unfolds, all will become clear.

There were just the two one man shows in December, one in Worthing and the other at The Granary in Beccles. Both were most enjoyable and a great way to round off the year of one man shows.

I also had the privilege of performing at Durham Cathedral, with a host of stars in aid of a foundation supported by Sunderland FC and run by Sir Tim Rice, who is an avid Sunderland supporter. It was a lovely occasion and enjoyed by all although the drive from Norfolk in snow, 70 mile an hour winds and flooded roads created by driving rain, was not the most enjoyable trip!

I also returned from Argentina in early December and what a fantastic time I had out there. Wonderful people, wonderful concerts and a joy to be there.

There was one other very important event that took place in December and that was when Rachel and I got married. It was a very small and intimate occasion with just Rachel’s parents and a couple of witnesses. It was done very beautifully and we both thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. We plan to have a bit of a bash with all the kids and friends at some time in the New Year. Neither of us wanted a PR wedding with lots of press and photographers which was why we kept it very quiet. We wanted it to be especially for us, and that’s exactly how it worked out.

Inevitably word gets out of course and that’s fine after the event and so thanks to everybody who sent us good wishes. We’ve been together now for 8 years and so we’re off to a great start already!

January is absolutely packed full of meetings about major projects for the year and by the time I write the February GORR, an awful lot should have been finalised.

A couple of other interesting things happening in January, including a trip to MIDEM, (the big music fayre in the South of France), to be part of brand new audio technology called 3DA. It’s quite fantastic and I predict, (now that’s dangerous coming from me), that it will be massive and possibly regenerate music as it should be presented.

I’m also playing a concert, a very small concert, with my son Adam, at my granddaughter’s school to help raise money for a minibus. Should be hilarious with an allotted period of 30 minutes put by for rehearsal! (I’m sure we’ll squeeze in a bit more somehow though). Tickets all sold out I’m told, so I hope they’ve saved one for Rachel!

Quite a few days of recording have been put by with Erik including two more tracks to perform on for Cleopatra Records in California. I’ve done a few bits and pieces for them before and a very nice bunch of people they are too.

Radio Nova continues with myself and Hoffy on a Saturday night from 6-8 and there are more radio plans in the offing too.

I’m excited about the New Year, although I can’t actually put into words as to why I feel this way. I just have a feeling in my bones it’s going to be a bit special.

I do hope I’m right and that 2012 is a special year for everybody who reads this as well.


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