GORR November 2010

GORR November 2010

I’m writing this on the only free morning I have this month as it’s been incredibly busy and I’ve actually now forgotten what a day off is like!

As many of you will know, Jon and I have been out performing on the Project 360 tour and it has exceeded all our expectations in so many ways.

The great feeling on stage, which has been fuelled very much by the incredible warmth that comes from the audience, has been amazing. The new songs have been really well received, which really gives such a good feeling to Jon and myself as the album, The Living Tree, has been really 4 years in the making.

We decided from the outset that only music that we both felt was inspiring to both of us would be included on the album, and the amount of music that was ditched was quite incredible, but the outcome was that whatever happened or indeed happens in the future, Jon and I can proudly say that we succeeded in producing the album we felt was in us to do.

We are also recording six of the shows for a double CD release next Spring and also it is hoped that at least one show will be filmed so the tour can be “immortalised”!!!

It’s also lovely to come out to the foyer afterwards and meet so many old friends and meet new ones too. It’s also amazing what memorabilia shows up, some of which I’ve never seen myself!

Interestingly enough, three separate promoters from other countries, (Canada, USA and Europe), have flown in to see the show and both Jon and I will be looking at our individual schedules to see what can and cannot be achieved. Also John Hessenthaler, who promotes both Jon and myself, is looking at a further dozen shows for the middle of next year for the Project 360 show due to demand from theatres we have not played this time around, so maybe Europe could be tagged on to this little excursion!

There are 8 further shows left for November as well as some solo shows, all of which are listed on the site.

October certainly was a busy month and from nowhere appeared two days of filming for Watchdog, which was great fun and also I played a solo concert as part of the Canterbury Arts Festival in the beautiful Shirley Hall which is part of Kings School, a wonderful venue and lovely people too.

November is already pretty full with concerts and radio recordings for both Planet Rock and Radio Nova.

On Saturday 20th, I travel to Leeds to sit on a panel of judges, which includes my good friend Tony Hatch, as part of a Variety Club charity evening based on a sort of X Factor format ….I’m not sure if I’m meant to be the “nasty one” or the “nice one” …I’ll let you know next GORR.

….and I’ll finish by being grumpy ….well very grumpy to be honest.

Time and time again I’ve said to people not to believe anything they read about me or my activities on any other site other than the official RWCC. It’s well known I loathe Wikipedia (I have given up correcting it as complete nutcases just change it back to a pack of inaccurate rubbish within minutes). I actually tell journalists not to go anywhere near Wikipedia, but many of them still do.

Even worse are the so called Forums and Chat Rooms. For genuine fans of these sites and of the bands or musicians concerned, it’s a tragedy that some people use them to mischief make or make out they are knowledgeable about things, when they’re not.

Some years ago I went into a chat room …which is the only time I have ever visited a chat room, and was stunned to see that apparently I was already in there!!!!…and I was having an argument with Jon Anderson, (who I knew was on a plane at the time!!!…..This kind of thing does a lot of damage. I wish these places could be monitored. I’m sure that Alan, Steve and Jon would not condone this either, but it seems that it will continue to happen.

Simple rule as far as I’m concerned …if you see me in a chat room …then it’s not me!

If you see me on Facebook or twitter or anything like that ….then it’s not me …(The Facebook page purporting to be me is phoney).

So once again …I reiterate …if you read anything about me anywhere, even if it claims from me …then don’t believe it …Unless of course it’s on the RWCC site!

Have a great November …I intend to!


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