GORR July 2013

GORR July 2013

Well at last the "train seems to have left the station" and there is much to report as regards the future.
Tickets finally go on sale on Monday the 1st of July for the first five Journey to the Centre of the Earth concerts in 2014 and the press release is also now up on the website.

There is a website to direct all who are interested with all links to buy tickets: www.RickWakemansJourney.com/vip VIP pre-sale tickets for the tour are onsale now, 2 days before the main sale of tickets, on the 29th June.

The first five dates to be announced are............

  • Tuesday 29 April - Birmingham NIA
  • Wednesday 30th April - London Royal Albert Hall
  • Thursday 1st May - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
  • Saturday 3rd May - Bournemouth International Centre
  • Sunday 4th May - Cardiff Arena

It’s been a long wait and lots of amazing preparation work involved over the last 9 months and there is still a lot of preparation to do which will take months of organising and it is unbelievably exciting for all concerned. Over the coming months I will be working in the studio with Erik Jordan, creating the template for the combined music of the new full length Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the music of Return to the Centre of the Earth. They will not be performed as separate works but will intertwine in a very interesting way that took much discussion and much working out, but it really works a treat and I am extremely excited to hear the finished result.

On board will be a full symphony orchestra and choir, the English Rock Ensemble, 2 narrators and 2 vocalists.....and me. The wonderful stage designs and graphics are being done by Roger Dean and what I have seen so far is absolutely fantastic.

There are so many bonuses for me in all this in as much as the 36 minute original was only ever performed three times in the UK and now has the opportunity to be presented using modern technology as an "all singing all dancing" spectacular.......which as many of you will know, is something I love getting my teeth into.

There will be other dates announced soon for Europe and America and probably other territories too, but I have yet to be given any firm dates as to when these are likely to happen.

As can be imagined, the next few months, (with the exception of the two weeks in August at the Edinburgh Festival), will be taken up in getting the Journey shows together. It is estimated that the music alone will take three months to prepare and a solid month to rehearse.

There are other things happening throughout July, (amazingly enough), which include a Comedian’s Golf Society Day on the 9th at Diss Golf Club at which I will be donating many balls to the trees, a Sparks tournament on the 22nd at Brocket Hall, (where I will lose any remaining balls left over from Diss)......We’re also off to Roy Hudd’s village fete on the 20th, (which is being opened by the actor Graham Cole from The Bill).....then there’s a lunch at the House of Lords..(always rather nice it has to be said, which is needed as I have what is bound to be a very unpleasant morning at the dentist prior to arriving at Westminster)!

Finally, on the 7th of the month, there is a blue plaque being put up by the Heritage Foundation for my wonderful old friend who sadly passed away, Erik Sykes. The ceremony will be in Orme Square in Queensway London at around 11am and visitors to witness the event are most welcome.

Well that’s it.........and the train not only seems to have left the station, but appears to be gathering speed too.......enjoy July.


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