GORR September 2017

GORR September 2017

Greetings from America where the tour is well and truly under way. It all started in the middle of August when I was reunited with my keyboard rig and we did some programming of sounds for the new pieces that we were slotting into the set, namely “Southside of the Sky” and “I am Waiting”. We also rehearsed “It Can Happen”.

We're already four shows in and the band is playing as well as ever. Audiences have been fabulous and the energy they give us really helps us to raise our game.

There's a lot of travelling which I will admit I don't enjoy but it's nice to see old friends at many of the shows.

One thing I am able to do, is to catch up on paperwork for a few hours every other day in the hotel room. My computer skills are extremely limited.....actually they are fractionally below basic ......but I am able to keep abreast of future stuff for later in the year which include an incredible event to be held outside The Queens House in Greenwich on Sunday December 10th.......

I will be performing with my full keyboard rig along with Adam and his keyboard rig as well as Ed from the Orion Symphony Orchestra with a mass of percussion. Also a very large choir. The event is called "Sound & Vision".

We will be performing outside but with a difference.......the event is called Over The Moon and is in aid of helping to save the wonderful moon bears from the horrendous cruelty they suffer. Now here's the amazing difference with this event.......

The amazing artist Maria Rud will be painting live to the music and the live painting gets projected on to the facade of the building. It's quite fantastic to see.

It's not a seated event...people can walk around and see the painting on the building from all angles plus watch Adam, Ed and myself from different angles.

There will be areas showing all about Moon Bears plus a Moon Bears Father Xmas Grotto......loads of great food and things to see........a wonderful Xmas event for all the family.

I'll tell you more about the music we are going to play and the event itself in the next GORR.

Amazingly enough, I am already in discussions with my management as to plans for not just next year but 2019 as well. That is one advantage of being on tour with your manager....he is a captive audience!

One other thing to report is that we had a tremendous site visit to Tintagel and finally found an area where the King Arthur concert can work along with jousting tournaments! It looks like being around the second weekend in September next year and that for me is very exciting.......so fingers and swords crossed!

So things don't slow down at all on tour.........!!!!

Enjoy the rest of Summer.............


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