GORR June 2021

GORR June 2021

Well things have certainly been looking up, well they seemed to be until this new Indian variant seems to have put the brakes on a lot of things like allowances for numbers of people allowed to attend at theatres and concerts. One step forward and two back I think is how the expression goes.

Things have been somewhat more cheerful on the actually getting things done front and to that extent I played some keyboards on a track for Cleopatra Records called Magic Fly which was fun to do.

I'm often asked if I do every session I'm asked if I would like to play on and the answer is "no". I probably turn down more than 50% and this is not down to money either, it's purely whether or not I think I can offer something to the track and I fancy doing it. Obviously the cost implications are always there, but I have never turned down something I really want to do for financial reasons… probably a huge mistake on my part.

I also had a great time recording the soundtrack for a short film called FINAL SUNSET, which is a really lovely piece of work by a talented new young director. More about this once I know about any showings. I really enjoyed working on the music for this and reminded me how much I enjoy composing and recording music for film.

I have also been working in the studio on a really lovely project scheduled for a Boxing Day television viewing. I can't say any more at this juncture but it is really enjoyable to work on and "right up my street" as the expression goes!

I'm also working away at the new album project which I will admit has changed direction on more than one occasion. This is simply because of the style of composition that is coming naturally at the moment when I sit at the piano. I have to be led by what musical feelings are prevalent at the time and so the finished album is going to take a little longer than I would like, but the music rules.

A big day on the 11th when I have a pretty serious haircut. The pandemic has meant my attacking strands here and there that seemed to grow longer than others the outcome is that I look like a very well used broom… and so the time has come for a very serious haircut.

I will take a hat as my head is bound to feel cold afterwards.

I am also meeting with representatives of the Ipswich Hospital Band who have asked if I would be their patron as Sir Patrick Moore, their long standing patron for many years, sadly passed away, so a very big name to follow in the footsteps of.

Lots of interviews and radio stuff in the book plus on the 25th I will be at the wonderful Marylebone Festival for a concert where I am "looking after" a fellow Water Rat… Prince Michael of Kent and his wife Princess Michael of Kent, who are great fun to be around.

Apart from a booked trip to the chiropodist, that's about it… but the most exciting of all has been the arrival of our first two rescue dogs from Bosnia who have settled in beautifully and are terrified of the cats!!!... so all is well as we thought - if anything it would be the other way around… but they all get on… just awaiting the arrival of our rescue chickens now and we're nearly there.

The UK Xmas shows are on sale and 100% happening. Dates for the Even More Grumpy than the Last Grumpy Old Rockstar Christmas Show are here.

Hope to see you all at one of the shows… going to be so wonderful for everybody after the horrendous lockdowns.

Have a great June, Rick

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